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INTENT - What do we want to achieve

IMPLEMENTATION - How do we do this?

We use a wide range of both home grown and national schemes to ensure that all subjects are taught well. Our subject leads are developing carefully thought through progressive skills and attitude based plans. You can see these in the Curriculum Plans section. 

Our curriculum is woven through projects that have high quality picture books and stories at their heart. We believe that all the essential skills can be taught through a mix of creative blending with some subjects also taught discretely to ensure the high order skills aren't diluted.

IMPACT - How do we know it's working?

How children perceive and articulate their own learning is one of the most important ways we gather evidence of success. Standardised and teacher assessments and testing will paint some of the picture but the voices, creations and achievements of the children will be the most vital and fruitful evidence source.

Subject leaders have monitoring timetables that allow time to talk to children, look at work, speak with staff and collect huge quality evidence of learning in their subject. 


Please find our current whole school Curriculum Overview HERE

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