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Our Values & What We Stand For


Six simple words but they encompass all that we strive for and are the umbrella under which all our aims sit. 

BE KIND - to each other, to everything that we share in school, to your 

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The tree represents our whole community and is a symbol of stability and protection. For our children, this vision is further embodied by the creatures that inhabit the tree and teach us all to live by our values.  Each one of them characterises an aspect of what we believe makes for a successful learner and an excellent human.

The owl – who makes good decisions and learns from mistakes.

The spider – who makes rich connections between areas of learning and in life.

The grasshopper – who knows that it's ok to take risks and finds value in mistakes as well as successes.

The ants – who get things done by working together.

The bees – who happily busy themselves.

The rabbit – who values family, friendship and community.

The dragon – who is fired by creativity and imagination.

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