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West Chiltington Staff

September 2021 to July 2022

Helen Drummond

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Like: coffee, chatting, running, music, singing in the car, champagne, sunshine, walking, reading, travelling, friends, cheese, curry, sleeping, belly-laughing

Dislikes: early starts, lack of fairness and kindness, the government, blue cheese, hazelnuts, running into the wind

Hannah Woollard

Hannah Woollard is our Deputy Headteacher and Teacher in Green Class two days a week. She also leads on PSHE and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Likes: travelling, walks, picnics, dinner parties, playing netball, reading, spending time with my family, listening to music, drinking coffee and drinking gin (depending on the time of day!)

Dislikes: injustice and prejudice, people moaning, sultanas, setting an alarm.

Hannah Woollard

Kim Collinson

Kim Collinson is our Purple Class Teacher and SENDCO

Likes: blue flowers, laughing with my daughters, sherry, David Bowie and homemade cake.

Dislikes: aubergines, litter, people who moan, scary films




KimC (3)

Jemma Hill

Jemma Hill is our Yellow class teacher and English lead in school.

Likes: Seaside holidays with my family, crying with laughter, dinner parties with friends, Prosecco, mashed potato, stewed apples, fizzy cola bottles, Spring, shoes and fairy lights.

Dislikes: Dog poo, spitting, injustice, football, almond flavouring, milk, tissues caught in the washing, suspense, swimming underwater


David Bailey

David Bailey is the Orange Class Teacher. He also leads on Science.

Likes - Curry, crisps, podcasts, 80s and 90s music, watching tennis, tidiness, learning about science, walks on the beach at low tide, people making an extra effort to be kind.

Dislikes - Bad manners, being rushed, pigeons, olives, baked beans, being too hot or too cold


Liz York

Liz York teaches Blue Class 4 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She also leads on Geography and History.

Likes: The colour green, red squirrels, running in the rain, reading, generosity, views from the tops of mountains, sunny days, coffee with friends.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, alarm clocks, litter, laziness, cold swimming pools, piles of muddy rugby boots

Jill Dinsdale

Jill Dinsdale teaches Blue Class on Thursdays and Fridays. She is our music lead.

Likes: thunderstorms, spending time with my family, watching live theatre
walking my dogs in the forest and yoga

Dislikse:Cruelty, mosquitos, beng disorganised and gristly meat.


Laurel Donker

Laurel Donker is a teacher in Orange and Purple Class. She leads on Art and Design & Technology

Likes: rainbow hair, being arty, summer evenings, laughing, walks on the beach, Ru Paul, movies, meals out in Brighton, espresso Martinis.

Dislikes: spiders, early mornings (unless it's for a holiday), bad coffee, rudeness

Dominic Bradshaw

Dom Bradshaw is our Year 5 teacher and maths lead.

Likes: spending time with my lovely family; playing squash and tennis, watching squash and tennis; driving my car; listening to music and singing along (in the privacy of my car); playing the piano and guitar (and drums when I get a chance!); the occasional beer; Italian and Thai food. But absolutely no mushrooms. And easy on the garlic, please.

Dislikes: getting up while it's still dark or any time really before about 8.30 (this is a problem on school days); clutter; drivers who tailgate; oh, and I did I mention I don't like mushrooms?


Joe Butt

Joe Butt is our Year 6 teacher. He is also our computing lead.

Likes: Football (Southamption), motorbikes, Just William, pop music and teaching!

Dislikes: Musicals and Portsmouth Football Club!

JB (1)

Charlie Walker

Charlie is our Reception teacher.  She works Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Likes: Pizza, Music, Movies, Julia Donaldson stories, laughing and dancing with my little boy.

Dislikes: People who are unkind, spiders and bad manners.


Sophie Valentine

Teaching assistant in reception and Early Years graduate.  Midday meals supervisor and first aider.  

Likes: Adventures with her boys.  Walks in the countryside, gardening, exercise, wild water swimming and gin.

Dislikes: rudeness, lies and laundry

SV (2)

Emma Farncombe

Teaching assistant in Purple Class and Midday meals supervisor.

Likes: Long walks, with her children, amigurumi crochet, sewing, cooking for her family, chocolate and Gin and Tonic

Dislikes: Weeding, Creepy bugs, being cold and bad manners


Claire Overton

Teaching assistant in Yellow Class.

Likes: crafting, baking, Bigfoot, nice long walks with my dog, camping, birdwatching, watching films - especially the greatest showman, bath bombs, DIY and gardening. 

Dislikes: worms, slipping in mud, spiders, lateness, bad manners


Becca Durkan

Teaching assistant in Purple and Orange Class.

Likes: gardening, baking, chocolate, laughing, cups of tea and drinking Prosecco with friends.

Dislikes: rudeness, grumpy people, Covid-19 being cold


Vicky Lasenby

Teaching Assistant in Orange Class

Likes: - being outside, gardening and long walks on the beach. 

Dislikes: - spiders, rainy days and driving!


Jemma Ainsworth

Teaching Assistant in Orange Class

Likes:Dancing, musicals, holidays (I can't remember them but pretty sure I liked them!!!)

Dislikes: Being late, rudeness and gin (controversial!!!!)

Claire Smyth

Teaching Assistant in Blue Class

Likes: Thai food, reading stories to my children at bedtime, cooking, keeping fit and chocolate.

Dislikes: bananas, rude people, traffic and ironing.


Tracy St Clair

Teaching assistant in Blue Class

Likes: countryside walks, going for coffee with friends, family picnics and relaxing reading a book in the sunshine!

Dislikes: brussel sprouts, traffic jams, litter on the beach and not having enough time to do the things I enjoy!



Dee Andrews

Teaching assitant in Blue and Orange Class.

Likes: toasting marshmallows around the fire, photography, shooting stars, camping with my family and friends, craft projects, the colour orange, shopping and chocolate!

Dislikes: creepy crawlies, olives, unkindness and being late

Tracy Taylor

Mrs Taylor is a teaching assistant across our school. She is our Senior Midday Meals Supervisor, a qualified Learning Mentor, our Special Needs teaching assistant and one of our school's first aiders.

Likes:bees, Art and craft projects, cooking, spending time with family and friends, going for long walks, travels in my motorhome and drinking wine and coffee.

Dislikes: I'm not too keen on messy spaces, pigeons eating my vegetables and bad manners. 


Debbie Dicker

Teaching assistant in Red Class

I love taking my dogs Pippin and Cadi for walks, especially to the beach on warm sunny days.

I enjoy holidays in the sun, the hotter the better, I also love the snow and skiing with my family. 

I do love my food, especially a curry! 

I don’t like being out in the  rain and  getting soaking wet. 

I really don’t  like big garden spiders. 

Debbie Dicker 1

Gill Wright

Teaching assistant in Turquoise and First aider.

Likes: Meeting up with friends, watching soaps and drinking lattes.

Dislikes: Spiders, olives and being cold

Gill Wright 1

Tina Donovan

School Business Manager

Likes: Holidays in the sun, family roast dinners, kitchen discos

Dislikes: Driving, fish and tiredness



Angel Day

School Secretary

Likes: Holidays, walks and spending time with my family and my dog.

Dislikes: Being cold and rude people.


Robert Parker

Mr Parker is our Caretaker. He fixes things and occasionally teaches.

Likes:Any French food you care to mention. Bicycles, pies and sheds. The English language with all its complexities and foibles. The word “foible”.

Dislikes:Arrogance and tofu.

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