Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs Dee Andrews

Likes: toasting marshmallows around the fire, photography, shooting stars, camping with my family and friends, craft projects, the colour orange, shopping and chocolate!

Dislikes: creepy crawlies, olives, unkindness and being late.

Mrs Debbie Dicker

Likes: travelling to other countries experiencing the different cultures, and their food! The hotter and sunnier it is the better, although I do love the snow and skiing too! Taking my dogs for walks along the beach.

Dislikes: wet, windy, rainy days!

Mrs Liz Johnson

Mrs Johnson is a teaching assistant and a midday meals supervisor

Likes - Walks in the Black Forest, playing a tough game of badminton, real ale in an old English pub with raging wood fire, acts of kindness when they are least expected, humour.

Dislikes - People dropping rubbish (particularly dog poo bags!) , rudeness, bad losers, cigarette smoke.

Mrs Vicky Lasenby

Likes: - being outside, gardening and long walks on the beach. 

Dislikes: - spiders, rainy days and driving!

Mrs Claire Smyth

Mrs Smyth is a teaching assistant and is a midday meals supervisor.

Likes - Thai food, reading stories to my children at bedtime, cooking, keeping fit and chocolate.

Dislikes - bananas, rude people, traffic and ironing.

Mrs Tracy Taylor

Mrs Taylor is a teaching assistant across our school. She is our Senior Midday Meals Supervisor, a qualified Learning Mentor, our Special Needs teaching assistant and one of our school's first aiders.

Likes - Art and craft, cooking, spending time with family and friends, eating out, watching Chelsea FC play, travels in my motor home and Prosecco.

Mrs Gill Wright

Mrs Wright is a teaching assistant and is a midday meals supervisor.

Likes - Meeting up with friends, watching soaps and drinking lattes.

Dislikes - Spiders, olives and being cold




Mrs Sophie Valentine - Mrs Valentine is our reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rebeccca Durkan - Mrs Durkan is a Teaching Assistant in KS1

Mrs Tracy St Clair - Mrs St Clair is a Teaching Assistant in Turquoise Class

Mrs Jemma Ainsworth - Mrs Ainsworth is a Teaching Assistant in KS1

Mrs Emma Farncombe - Mrs Farncombe is a Teaching Assistant in KS1