Teaching and Learning

Medium Term Plans

Find out what teaching and learning is going on in each class below.

Medium term plans give greater detail about the way in which learning is organised including activities that children will be engaged in and assessment that teachers will be carrying out. The date signifies the START of the plan but the duration will depend on individual year groups, their stage of learning, developmental, environmental and emotional factors.

Green Class Spring 2018

Purple Class Spring 2018

Yellow Class Spring 2018

Orange Class Spring 2018

Blue Class Spring 2018

Red Class Spring 2018

Turquoise Class Spring 2018

Long Term Plans and Previous Terms

The long term curriculum map details the way in which we plan to teach the requirements of the national curriculum. It is organised by year and term.

Long Term Curriculum Map

French Topics

West Sussex syllabus for RE

Autumn Term 2017 Plans

Green Class Autumn 2017

Purple Class Autumn 2017

Yellow Class Autumn 2017

Orange Class Autumn 2017

Blue Class Autumn 2017

Red Class Autumn 2017

Turquoise Class Autumn 2017

Summer Term 2017 Plans

Green Class Summer 2017

Purple Class Summer 2017

Yellow Class Summer 2017

Orange Class Summer 2017

Blue Class Summer 2017

Red Class Summer 2017

Spring Term 2017 Plans

Green Class Spring 2017

Purple Class Spring 2017

Yellow Class Spring 2017

Orange Class Spring 2017

Blue Class Spring 2017

Red Class Spring 2017


This document describes the way that we assess children at our school.

Assessment at West Chiltington School

Phonics and Reading

A wide variety of methods are used in the teaching of reading and these may be in individual, group, whole class or paired situations. In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children are taught the phonic skills and knowledge that are critical to both reading and writing. The program we use to support this teaching is called, "Letters and Sounds." We use the "Oxford Reading tree" scheme to support children in the early stage of learning to read. From the earliest stage, they will also be encouraged to discuss texts, preferences and style.

We believe it is essential that a good supply of books is available and there are well-stocked reading areas in each classroom in addition to the library area.

From the earliest stages children are taught to value books as a source of pleasure and interest as well as for study and information. We actively involve parents in our shared reading programme, which is an essential link in developing reading skills. This partnership will be explained in detail at the induction meetings.