Turquoise Class is our Year 6 class. Miss Drummond is the class teacher and Mrs York teaches on Wednesdays. Mrs Taylor is one of our teaching assistants who works in Turquoise.

Miss Helen Drummond

Miss Drummond is our Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head.

Likes - drinking coffee, chocolate, being warm, time to talk to friends, belly laughs, champagne, running, hot sun, trying new things

Dislikes - SNAKES...very, very much! Hazelnuts, blue cheese, people who don't listen, cold weather, getting up in the morning...

Mrs Liz York

Mrs York teaches in Year 6 on Wednesdays

Likes: The colour green, red squirrels, running in the rain, reading, generosity, views from the tops of mountains, sunny days, coffee with friends.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, alarm clocks, litter, laziness, cold swimming pools, piles of muddy rugby boots.

Mrs Tracy Taylor

Mrs Taylor is a teaching assistant across our school. She is our Senior Midday Meals Supervisor, a qualified Learning Mentor, our Special Needs teaching assistant and one of our school's first aiders.

Likes - Art and craft, cooking, spending time with family and friends, eating out, watching Chelsea FC play, travels in my motor home and Prosecco

Dislikes - Bad manners, dust and grumpy people.