Year 5 - Red

Red Class is the name for our Year 5 class. Miss Drummond is the teacher and Mrs York works in Red Class on Wednesdays.

Miss Helen Drummond

Miss Drummond is our Year 5 teacher and Deputy Head.

Likes - drinking coffee, chocolate, being warm, time to talk to friends, belly laughs, champagne, running, hot sun, trying new things

Dislikes - SNAKES...very, very much! Hazelnuts, blue cheese, people who don't listen, cold weather, getting up in the morning...

Mrs Liz York

Mrs York teaches Year 5 every Friday.

Likes: The colour green, red squirrels, running in the rain, reading, generosity, views from the tops of mountains, sunny days, coffee with friends.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, alarm clocks, litter, laziness, cold swimming pools, piles of muddy rugby boots.