Year 5 - Red

Red Class is the name for our Year 5 class. Mr Bradshaw is the teacher and Mrs Currier works in Red Class on Wednesdays. Mrs Johnson is one of our teaching assistants found in Red!

Mr Dom Bradshaw

Mr Bradshaw teaches in Year 5 and is also our music and PE subject leader.

Likes - playing squash and tennis; Wimbledon fortnight; driving and singing along to my favourite songs; listening to and writing music; going to see bands; most types of curry. Unless it contains prawns. Or lentils. Or mushrooms.

Dislikes - getting up while it's still dark; clutter; not having enough time to do the things I love; accidentally eating a cardamom seed in a curry; oily poppadoms.

Mrs Emma Currier

Mrs Currier teaches in Year 5 every Wednesday

Likes: .


Mrs Liz Johnson

Mrs Liz Johnson is one of our teaching assistants and midday meals supervisors.

Likes - Walks in the Black Forest, playing a tough game of badminton,real ale in an old English pub, with raging wood fire, acts of kindness when they are least expected, humour.

Dislikes - People dropping rubbish (particularly dog pooh bags!) , rudeness, bad losers, cigarette smoke