Year 2 - Yellow

Our Year 2 class is called Yellow Class. Mr Bailey is the class teacher and Mrs Currier teaches on Tuesdays. Mr Dommett is one of the teaching assistants.

What we're up to at the moment...HERE!

Mr David Bailey

Mr Bailey is our Year 2 teacher

Likes - Curry, sunrises and sunsets, thoughtful people, time with friends, Mr Bean, post-it notes, watching tennis, old maps and crisps

Dislikes - Bad manners, pigeons, being rushed, olives, hot drinks and baked beans.

Mrs Emma Currier

Mrs Currier teaches in Year 2 every Tuesday.

Likes -

Dislikes -

Mr Reuben Dommett

Mr Dommett is a teaching assistant who works in Year 2 and is a midday meals supervisor.

Likes - Blue, sausages, cricket, model trains and ironing.

Dislikes - Yellow, parsnips, ketchup and naughty children!