Year 1 - PURPLE

Our Year 1 class is called Purple Class. Miss Woollard is the class teacher and Mrs Currier teaches on Wednesday mornings. Miss Gill is one of our teaching assistant.

What we're up to at the moment...HERE!

Miss Hannah Woollard

Miss Woollard is our Year 1 class teacher.

Likes - Tea, netball, Christmas, prosecco, roast dinner, fireworks, travelling, laughing, junk shops, candles, surprises, pajamas, bacon.

Dislikes - blue cheese, feet, when technology goes wrong, creepy crawlies, getting out of bed, sultanas.

Mrs Emma Currier

Mrs Currier teaches in Year 1 every Wednesday.

Likes -

Dislikes -

Miss Hester Gill

Miss Gill is a teaching assistant based mainly in our Year 1 class, a midday meals supervisor and also our dance club teacher.

Likes - Dance, stargazing, the Tate Modern, performances of any kind, retro clothes shops, anything sweet, day trips to London, country walks

Dislikes - Sharks, pickled onions, scary films, seeing other people upset!