Year 1 - PURPLE

Our Year 1 class is called Purple Class. Mrs Hill is the class teacher and Mrs Currier teaches on Wednesday mornings.

What we're up to at the moment...HERE!

Mrs Jemma Hill

Mrs Hill is our Year 1 class teacher and English Lead in school.

Likes - Seaside holidays with my family, crying with laughter, dinner parties with friends, Prosecco, mashed potato, stewed apples, fizzy cola bottles, Spring, shoes and fairy lights.

Dislikes - Dog poo, spitting, injustice, football, almond flavouring, milk, tissues caught in the washing, suspense, swimming underwater

Mrs Liz York

Mrs York teaches Year 1 every Friday.

Likes: The colour green, red squirrels, running in the rain, reading, generosity, views from the tops of mountains, sunny days, coffee with friends.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, alarm clocks, litter, laziness, cold swimming pools, piles of muddy rugby boots.