Rachel Smither - Co-opted Governor
Linked to Green Class

I have been very fortunate to grow up in West Chiltington, and seen many changes including, in 1975, the move from the Old School to what is now West Chiltington Community School. This school gave me a wonderful start in life, providing a caring education that was full of fun. As someone who is passionate about equality and diversity in our society, I believe that all children deserve the best start in life. With the right support and cultural awareness, everyone has the ability to succeed, no matter what their disability.

Working for the Aldingbourne Trust (a charity that supports individuals with learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum) for more than 22 years, I have been privileged to play a part in helping adults realise their potential and lead fulfilled lives. I am delighted to serve as governor for a school whose holistic approach and quality curriculum encourages children to be aware of and value diversity in society, helping them become compassionate and tolerant adults.

Lian Middleton - Parent Governor
Linked to Blue Class

I am a teacher in the independent sector, currently in charge of improving teaching and learning at my school. I have 2 children who are both at West Chiltington and I have been a Governor since November 2012. I have been a teacher for 13 years and wanted to be able to impact the educational experience that children get at West Chiltington school. I feel very lucky to be part of such an experienced group, to be able to listen to parents' views and to work positively with staff at the school in order to make sure that every individual pupil is getting the best educational experience they can possibly get.

Chris Metters - Co-opted Governor
Chair of Resources Committee
My motivation for becoming a governor in 2011 was a desire to give something back to the school that was nurturing, developing and motivating our son in such varied ways. Since then, our other son has been journeying through the school benefiting from the same dedication and experience from the teaching staff.

Being a qualified accountant with over 20 years' experience, working as Director of Compliance and Financial Risk for a multinational aviation charter broker, I felt I could offer the school some of my knowledge in the financial and governance field. The experience has been, and continues to be, a highly motivating one as I work alongside a group of governors and staff that bring such rich and diverse talents to the job of ensuring that West Chiltington Community School provides a safe and enriching environment for all pupils to learn, create and develop to the best of their abilities.

Julia Handley - Co-opted Governor

Linked to Red Class

After training to teach in the early 70's, my first two jobs were teaching history in secondary schools. I then had a break when our daughters were born. When our younger daughter went to school I did a refresher course and changed age range to supply teach at primary level. I went on to do a job share in a junior school. My final role was as a County Associate Adviser working with Able Pupils, running the Able Pupil Enrichment Programme and delivering Governor training. Now retired and a grandma, I am still passionate about the learning experience all children should have in school.

Helen Drummond - Staff Governor

I've been a teacher for 17 years and have very happily spent the last 10 of those at West Chiltington teaching Year 5. I've been Deputy Head for 3 years and staff governor for 9. I've seen many many changes in national education policy but feel heartened that, at West Chiltington, the individual child has always come first, ahead of any political agenda or initiative. A combination of working with a principled team of thinkers and learners, coupled with a robust understanding of current educational research, makes my job extremely worthwhile.

Ann Corkery - Local Authority Governor

Linked to Green Class

Having trained as a doctor and in Public Health, I came to live in West Chiltington 20 years ago. My career has been aimed at improving people's health and wellbeing, particularly for children and their families. A good education contributes to the health and wellbeing of children, with lasting effects through their life. For 10 years, until 2013, I was a parent of children at West Chiltington School. My children enjoyed their time at the school and thrived. I found the school to be caring, creative and ambitious for each of the children. As a Governor, I hope to support the school to continue to provide for children an exciting and effective education at the heart of our community.

Selina McKee - Parent Governor

Linked to Purple Class

I have two daughters at West Chiltington School – one in Green Class and one in Orange Class. I chose to become a parent governor simply because every child has the right to a happy and secure educational environment that both celebrates individuality and nurtures strengths, and I want to play a role in maintaining this while ensuring parent views are heard. I am also Vice Chair of FOSA, working to raise extra funds crucial to expanding learning and recreational opportunities for our children. In my day job, I am News Editor for PharmaTimes, a monthly pharmaceutical and healthcare magazine and daily online news service.

Julian Hoad - Parent Governor

Linked to Yellow Class

I have two daughters at the school and, like any parent, want to ensure they get absolutely the best start in their educational lives. As a governor, I'd hope to be able to help the ongoing process of 'holistic' schooling that West Chiltington is endeavouring to achieve. Working as a vet, I consider myself to be very much part of the local community and I am proud to be able to contribute something to it.

Julian Rose - Headteacher governor

Any organisation is only as good as the sum of its parts and here that very much includes our governors. Everyone here plays a vital role in making this a place that I am very proud to be part of. The governor team is incredibly sharp, passionate and supportive and as someone who has sat on the governing body of half a dozen schools during my career, I know a good one when I see one! We share a common purpose - to make school as good as it can be. Being passionate about what you do means you also take it very personally - it's no accident that everyone shares that passion here.

Dids Branchflower - Clerk to Governors

I have been a clerk for several years, joining the welcoming and happy staff and governors at West Chiltington in 2013. Since moving to the area with my family some seventeen years ago, I've worked in several school settings, working and volunteering with all ages of children in various guises, and I never fail to tire of the buzz, energy and enthusiasm that surrounds them.

Our Governing Body is made up of a group of 12 people who have chosen to give their time and commitment in support of this school and to fulfil the legally required obligations.

As well as the headteacher and one member of staff, the other members include three parent governors elected by the parents and six co-opted governors, appointed by the governing body. There is one Local Authority governor appointed, in this case, by WSCC.

The Chair of Governors co-ordinates the work of the Governing body and liaises regularly with the Headteacher.

The Full Governing Body meets each term to monitor the school development plan, to make sure legally required policies are in place and to endorse any important decisions that the Headteacher wishes to make.

As well as the main meeting, the Governing Body also meets each term in smaller committees that take on the monitoring of particular aspects of school business: premises, staffing, finance, data, and the curriculum. Individuals also take on specific roles, for example, having responsibility for child protection, Special Needs and Disability, behaviour, Pupil Premium and health and safety. Governors give their own time to go on training courses so that they can fulfil these roles more efficiently

All of our governors try to support the school in as many ways as they are able. Each governor is assigned to a class of children and they follow the development of these children through out the school attending as many class events, and outings as they can. Some governors are able to give their time regularly to work with groups of children within the school day. Others attend whole school special occasions and events and others give their own skills and professional training to help the school.

Our aim as a Governing Body is to ensure that the highest standards of educational provision are maintained at West Chiltington Community School.

By law, the Governing Body must publish on the school's website its register of interests. This is available here to view.